CICAL, the expert you need for your industrial projects

It is no coincidence if our clients in Alsace, Eastern France, nationwide and even in Europe have been coming back to us again and again for four decades to entrust us with their industrial projects. Founded in 1979, ours is an independent family business, with a team of engineers, project managers, technicians, design draughtsmen and engineering consultants, all fully conversant with the latest engineering methods and techniques applied to industry.

Industrial performance and optimisation are at the heart of all CICAL’s activities and have been for 40 years, whether we are talking about engineering and project management services or our turnkey building & process offer. With all the latest techniques at our finger tips and a thorough knowledge of safety, budgeting and planning, we are able to offer a range of services to guarantee the successful implementation of any industrial project.

Because every project is different, with its own challenges, our experts are used to adapt to the case presented to them: from the creation of a factory from scratch to the renovation or upgrading of existing installations (restructuring, revamping, transferring activities, backfitting, redeployment, extensions, etc.) to the most specific of needs (optimisation of logistics, packaging, storage processes, automation, utilities, whether energy or fluids).

The solutions we propose, designed and developed with the greatest of care and attention by our experts, take account of your specificities, constraints, development wishes and growth logic. They will enable you to boost your productivity, optimise your industrial and logistics processes and give your development strategy a shot in the arm.

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