Our expertise to boost your competitiveness

A new factory to design, upgrading of existing installations (restructuring, revamping, transferring activities, backfitting, redeployment, extensions, etc.) or optimisation of logistics or storage processes, automation, utilities: whatever the nature of your project, our approach will always be to listen first, to get a clear idea of your needs and then translate them into tailored solutions perfectly in line with your industrial logic, your constraints, specificities and development strategy. Our teams are trained to work in any type of industry, and more particularly in the agri-food sector (solid and liquid) and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. You will have a single interlocutor, who will support you throughout all the design and implementation stages of your project, until industrial commissioning.


After conducting an initial audit, our experts will establish the methodological, technical, strategic and budgetary baseline for your project and work out a schedule for the implementation of the solutions.

  • Audit of the existing installations
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Master plan
  • Concept design


Our engineering office, working in close collaboration with our project managers, will draw up the studies and designs and develop the solutions to meet your needs.

  • Developed design
  • 3D model
  • Technical specifications
  • Bidding documents
  • Procurement assistance


In this implementation phase, we monitor, supervise and coordinate the work on site as well as taking care of all the verifications, tests and inspections.

  • Safety support
  • Construction site coordination
  • Scheduling, management and coordination
  • Acceptance and completion tracking
  • Coordination with the engineering consultancies


Providing optimal management of scheduling, technical aspects and performance, we support you through industrial commissioning and product ramp-up.

  • Monitoring of the lifting of reservations
  • Assistance with commissioning
  • As-built records
  • Monitoring of performance and production ramp-up