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26 May 2021
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26 May 2021

2 breweries created in Belgium

CICAL provided an all-trades project management service to Brasseries Interbrew for the construction of two large new breweries in Belgium, one in Jupille and the other in Leuven, each with a capacity of 4 million hectolitres.

Their aim: to have state-of-the-art production facilities to help them develop internationally and become leader on the beer market.

An investment of €300 million over 5 years

For each brewery:

- Receipt and storage of raw materials

- 3 brewing rooms, each with a capacity of 650 hl

- 3 wort treatment units

- 72 cylindrical conical fermenting tanks of 3,900 hl

- 12 cylindrical conical fermenting tanks of 1,300 hl

- Two yeast propagation systems and one yeast room

- A spent yeast storage and disposal installation

- A spent grains storage and disposal installation

- Two cleaning stations

- General services: water treatment and distribution, steam production, refrigeration, compressed air production, CO2 treatment, HV/LV transformer and LV power distribution panel, treatment of effluent.

- Fitting out of the laboratory

- Installation of the offices

- For the Jupille brewery, a 600 hl/h filtration line, including a filtration line, a deaeration module, a cleaning station and the interconnections up and downstream of the filters