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26 May 2021
Cical entrepôt camions Tippagral
26 May 2021

Constant optimisation of the facilities

CICAL has been a preferred partner of Kronenbourg for 30 years, providing all trades engineering services for many process and energy projects. The watchword has always been innovation, for the company has always needed to be able to rely on an industrial plant capable of adapting to the latest challenges on the market. We have accompanied them every step of the way.

Champigneulles (Nancy)

A €60 million, 5-year modernisation plan

Increase in production from 1.9 to 3.2 million hectolitres a year: restructuring of the hot phase, installation of outdoor tanks, modernisation of the filtration system and ageing cellars, reconditioning of the bottling line.

Strasbourg K1

Several optimisation projects from 1979 until the closure of the site.

- Restructuring of the hot phase, the brewing rooms in particular

- Decantation of x-cider concentrate, bottling line, packaging, palletisation-depalletisation, automatic controls and various new and maintenance works (addition of new indoor FBTs, TOD, redesign of the filtration)

- Transfer of special beer production to the Obernai (K2) and Champigneulles sites (a €6m project)

ObernaI K2 site

- Restructuring of the hot phase (equipment and automatic controls), filtration (4 filtration lines with recycled PVPP treatment)

- Palletisation-depalletisation, modernisation of the facilities, improvement of productivity, quality, reduction of shrinkage, automatic controls and supervision