Cical usine production millenium
26 May 2021

Two projects to increase productivity

Clestra Hauserman confirmed its trust in CICAL by choosing it for the engineering of its planned new site to produce panels and suspended ceilings in Illkirch-Graffenstaden.

The aim was to improve the organisation and productivity of its Strasbourg plant by transferring its sheet metal shop into another building. Once its activities had been restructured, the site was transferred to Illkirch-Graffenstaden.

Transfer of the sheet metal shop

- Preliminary studies to validate the project from a technical, financial and scheduling point of view, then implementation

- Transfer of the machinery: press brakes, automatic flexible bending machine, metalworking equipment

- Integration of a new laser cutting machine and a panel bender

- Electrical and mechanical reconditioning of the recovered machines based on existing APAVE documents

- Optimisation of flows wherever possible and organisation of the new workshop (one-way workflows)

Creation of the new production site

An investment of €20 million over 12 months

- Preliminary design

- Monitoring of all the stages, transfer operations, start-up

- Dimensioning and preparation of all the installations ready for operation

- Layout plans and functional diagrams for all the machinery involved

- Scheduling and provisional investment budget