Cical chaîne de production clestra
26 May 2021
Cical bureaux Inergy
26 May 2021

An improved production capacity

CICAL supervised all the work of all the trades involved in the project to increase ultrafine titanium dioxide production capacity at Millennium Inorganic Chemicals in Thann. They wanted to develop their production facility at the Thann site to serve a growing market for ultrafine titanium dioxide.

CICAL successful managed the work on a Seveso site while production was in progress, building new structures on a historic site, interconnecting the two and integrating and connecting new equipment with the existing installations.

An investment of €20 million over 24 months

- Creation of new buildings (stripping, filtration) and restructuring of existing buildings

- Support in choosing the process equipment

- Chemical processing unit: batch neutralisation of a titanium dioxide gel

- Stripping unit: treatment of effluent from ammonia stripping

- Filtration and washing unit: filtration on a filter press The titanium cakes are then compacted, shredded and stored

- Solid production line: after calcination, the titanium is ground, sifted and packed

- Assistance with commissioning until the expected performance level was reached