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26 May 2021
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26 May 2021

Extension and renovation of a cheese-processing plant

For TIPPAGRAL, CICAL designed a 1,200 m² factory extension to accommodate its production needs and reorganised the existing plant at the Longvic site. This was done without interruption production on the site, which therefore entailed taking account of various regulatory and administrative requirements.

The challenges for CICAL were to reorganise the production flows with a one-way workflow to avoid cross-contamination, to add a new production line and improve the existing lines.

An investment of €4 million

- Reorganisation of flows and the layout of the workshops and technical departments

- Compliance with the rules on one-way workflows for all flows

- Separation of wet and dry areas

- Room temperature control and traceability

- Installation of a centralised MEG refrigeration system

- Commissioning services for the building and the technical work packages

- Works supervision