Cical entrepôt camions Tippagral
26 May 2021
Cical usine cuve industrielle
26 May 2021

Creation of a production facility and logistics centre

CICAL assisted Glaces Erhard with the creation of a new ice cream and sorbet production plant, as well as a logistics and order picking centre in Etupes (Doubs). Their aim was to have a logistics centre capable of storing all the group’s products and shipping its orders. This was intended to enable it to operate on a much larger scale.

CICAL carried out the conceptual studies and managed both projects. It designed a factory equipped with the latest generation of machinery.

An investment of €8 million

Logistics and order picking centre:

- Storage capacity: 5,400 pallets at -26° in a 2,600 m², 14 m high warehouse

- Storage in a shuttle racking system

- Storage in narrow aisles using wire-guided reach trucks

- Storage in conventional racks

- Picking of 45,000 boxes, rotation of 2,000 pallets a month

- 900 kW CO2 refrigeration system with heat recovery

Ice cream and sorbet production plant:

- A 3,000 m² building and 4 production lines meeting the IFS requirements

- Automation of production from mixing to packaging, including ageing and whipping

- Cooling of the entire factory and deep freezing of the product in the spiral tunnel by a CO2 refrigeration system

- After packaging, transfer of pallets of finished products by conveyor to the adjoining logistics area