Ingénierie agroalimentaire liquide - Cical usine Herbapac
26 May 2021
Ingénierie agroalimentaire liquide - Cical usine Brasseries interbrew
26 May 2021

A modernised production facility

CICAL was entrusted with the job of modernising the production plant by creating a new semi-automatic fermentation facility with a capacity of 28,800 hl and a new refrigeration machine room.

The challenges: Météor wanted to move the equipment from its Schiltigheim site to the Hochfelden site to modernise its production facilities.

An investment of €4 million over 18 months

- Closure of old horizontal fermentation tanks. Semi-automation of the new fermentation room

- New ammonia refrigeration machine room in line with the latest regulations

- Improvement of working conditions

- Securing of the facilities and processes

- Improvement of traceability