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26 May 2021
Ingénierie agroalimentaire liquide - Cical usine meteor
26 May 2021

A new unit for high-end teas

CICAL project managed the machinery and power aspects of a project of the Fauchon and Salpa groups which involved centralising a number of small, craft-type tea preparation and blending units previously dotted around France on one site in Geispolsheim

The aim was to bring these different units together to give their activity a new dimension and turn it from a small-scale grocery business into a semi-industrial unit with a production capacity of 800 tonnes a year.

An investment of €3.8 million over 12 months

- Grouping of raw materials in a storage area with appropriately controlled humidity and temperature conditions

- Permanent X-ray inspection system to analyse hand-picked tea from all over the world and separate any undesirable particles

- Blending and flavouring unit for high quality conventional and organic teas

- 3 manual production lines with weighing, mixing, flavouring and organic flavouring, bagging, quality control, laboratory checks, packing in boxes, labelling, storage and shipping

- Custom packaging and packaging as per customer requirements

- Storage of finished products before distribution to specialist shops and fine food stores in France and abroad

- Management and comparison of equipment prior to ordering

- Fitting out of administrative and production offices, maintenance area, shipping and incoming goods areas, break room, locker rooms and toilets