Cical usine ingénierie industrielle
26 May 2021
Cical usine champagne Moët et Chandon nuit
26 May 2021

New 4,500 m² production site

For the Charcuterie Val d’Argent in Scherwiller, CICAL designed a new meat processing, cooked meats and meat pie production plant. The 4,500 m² factory allowed the company to group its meat processing and meat pie production on one site.
The aim: to increase production and storage capacity. The work took place over a 10-month period.

A 16-month-long project (concept design, studies, construction, commissioning)

- Organisation of flows and layout of the workshops, technical departments and staff areas

- Improvement of traceability and order picking

- Compliance with the rules on one-way workflows for all flows

- Management of solid and liquid waste to enable sorting and recycling

- Room temperature control and traceability

- Commissioning services for the building and the technical work packages (refrigeration, electricity, air, discharge treatment)

- Master plan for the future extension of the building

- Works supervision